A better bralette?

by Heather Elizabeth

Being October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there’s been lots of focus on breast health.  After reading numerous articles about bras and under wires, I decided to go out out and buy a new Coobie wireless bralette.


You may have seen this article in the September 2012 issue of InStyle.  It features Coobie bras.

I thought I’d probably have to find one online.  But last weekend I was walking through a clothing and home decor store in Rockland, when there suddenly in front of me was a whole display of Coobie bras in every color imaginable.  They have three styles:  a basic, a lace edge, and a wider strap, all with removable pads. I stood there for a while debating which color to get.  I settled on the basic black as I had already been shopping all morning, and getting starving hungry.  I noticed a small sign next to the display that said they also sold replacement pads for two dollars.  I paid eighteen dollars for the bra, and left to find food.


What do I think of Coobie’s?  It provides enough support for me (34B) with the pads.  It’s made of 88% nylon and 12% lycra.  Probably, the most telling sign is that I haven’t worn another bra since getting it.  Bottom line..if it’s a little healthier, looks good, is supportive, and comfortable, I’m happy with it.